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Project Information

Residence 21
Lake Chatuge, North Carolina
Single Family
This new craftsmen home sits on a gently sloped peninsula reaching into Lake Chatuge. The layout is based on a careful analysis of views using surveys, maps, aerial photography, and on-location study of design proposals. The house is orientated to direct primary views 20 degrees west of north to the largest bodies of water and to the wooded mountains of national parks in the distance. At the heart of the home is an open living space with panoramic views of the lake, a high bay window view of the mountains beyond, and windows bringing in natural light on four sides. The wall between the dining space and screened pavilion opens to expand the dining and living areas to the outdoors. To one side of the living space is the master suite and home office. To the other side are the guest bedroom, children’s bedrooms, rec room, support spaces, and garage. Steps in the plan allow views and natural light on two or more sides of every room.