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Project Information

Residence 17
Atlanta, GA
Single Family
The house in historic Ansley Park is on a small lot with a challenging diagonal cross slope. The living level is located one floor above the street at the same elevation as a private rear courtyard, extending the living space to the outdoors. At the street level a retaining wall carves space into a steep bank for the driveway and front facing garage, leaving room on the downhill side for a day-lit recreation room, bathroom, and guest bedroom. To reduce the compositional impact of the front facing two-car garage, the garage door is narrow, a recessive color, and deeply set into the façade. The retaining wall curves in front of the garage, preserving a major tree, and the flanking two-story porch projects forward into the allowable zoning envelope to further downplay the garage. The house is designed to fit into the neighborhood in scale and character while accommodating modern amenities.