Project Information

Residence 16
Atlanta, GA
Single Family
This house sits on a narrow lot that slopes from the street upward to a flat and deep property. Most houses in the area locate the garage in the rear yard, creating interior spaces with driveway views and garage structures severing the connection to what should be a great exterior amenity. This house is designed so that the family can enjoy the continuous flow of space from the interior into the deep rear yard of uninterrupted lawn and garden. The house is shifted as far forward as the front yard setback line allows, taking advantage of the topography as required to slip the side entry garage under the house and leaving as much rear yard property as possible. This has the added benefit of views from the front dining and living areas that are not into the sides of houses but across neighbors’ front yards. The living level opens to a large screened porch, exterior terrace, and then deep lawn with landscaped edges that will create a private enclave when the plant material matures.